Blech Brut + Atelier Vrai

Benedikt Steger

Blech.Brut is based in Bamberg, the beer capital of Germany, and was founded by Benedikt Steger, an experienced graduate brewmaster. He first brewed for various craft beer breweries in Germany, London and Paris before founding his own craft beer project with Blech.Brut in 2018 as a Gypsybrewer. Shortly after, Benedikt was awarded “best new brewer worldwide” (Top10 2019) by ratebeer and Blech.Brut is now one of the most sought-after and top rated craft beer breweries in Germany, famous for its for balanced dryhopped lagers and super fruity IPAs. Since 2019 Blech.Brut is brewing in Bamberg at Brauhaus Binkert, a family owned brewery with a modern 15 HL System. Untypically for Gypsies we have our own canning line together with our friends from ATELIER VRAI.