La Franche

La Franche is all about locally brewed, traditional beers. All our beers are produced by us, at the brewery and packaged by us. All our beers are top-fermented (18-24°C), producing complex products with a relatively large body. Unfiltered and unpasteurised, our beers are alive. La Franche beers have the Organic Farming label and are predominantly hoppy, floral, fruity or resinous. We only use barley malts from organic farming, just like the sugar used for the head. As far as supplies allow, the majority of our hops are organically grown. We do not work with central purchasing agencies and very little with large-scale distribution, as we are keen to support short supply chains and small outlets that guarantee a warm welcome and quality advice, and enable us to maintain a physical link with our distributors, as we make most of our own deliveries. The bar in the brewery and the mobile bar at the refreshment stands are great ways to get people together for a beer and a good time.