La Jungle

La Jungle is a neighborhood micro brewery. We brew thirst quenching beers and that we love to drink ourselves. We only use raw materials of European origin. The creation of Brasserie la Jungle is first and foremost the story of three friends' shared love of beer, the history and culture behind it. It is something we have been passionate about for a long time and that we would like to share with our environment. We love good quality products, beers and natural wines. The idea to open a brewery was born some six years ago in our kitchen where we took our first steps as home brewers. All three of us then trained to make our dream come true: opening a micro-brewery in Brussels. All three of us have different backgrounds. This has allowed us to touch both the artistic and brewing sectors. Passionate about art and music, we find it particularly important to be part of the cultural life of the neighborhood where we brew. We would like to make a place to experience and discover brewing. We draw inspiration from Belgian and European brewing traditions, but we also want to focus on innovation with our own interpretations of recipes. We clearly opt for a local anchoring and only use products of European origin. Our great specialty is thirst-quenching beers, light in alcohol. We want to show that you don't necessarily need alcohol to give flavor. Moreover, light beers help prolong pleasure, and that's what beer is all about.